Fabiènne Wiese was born in Germany and was raised in the U.S. She speaks three languages; Dutch, German and English. Fabiènne was raised around horses and has been riding horses since the age of 4 years old. Her riding lessons took place in Germany and The Netherlands specializing in dressage and jumping.

Fabiènne grew a deep passion for horses at a young age and has a deep passion for teaching.

Her experience with horses began with breaking green horses and training troubled horses.  Fabiènne’s strength is creating a team between horse and rider by building rapport and confidence through her training. She  teaches mainly four disciplines in riding which include: jumping, dressage, pleasure riding and barrel racing.

As your trainer she promises to deliver and help each student achieve a strong bond with their horse, help in finding the appropriate riding style for each student and is equipped to teach the techniques that will help the rider excel in their chosen discipline.